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Australian Carbon Credit Unit

This is like a bank account for carbon credits. ANREU stands for Australian National Registry for Emissions Units.

When your carbon farming project generates verified abatement, carbon credits are issued by the Australian Government into the ANREU Account.  These can then be sold or traded to buyers by transferring the carbon credits to their ANREU Account.


The history of how your land was managed before you established a carbon project is often referred to as a “baseline”. Baselines are typically a 10 year period.



The part of your property that you manage in line with an approved carbon farming method is referred to as a “Carbon Estimation Area” (CEA).

The carbon estimation area is an important input when we calculate how much carbon has been stored, or how many emissions have been avoided, as a result of your carbon farming project.


Clean Energy Regulator – the Australian Government body that regulates your carbon farming project.

A contract or agreement with a buyer to purchase carbon credits from your carbon farming project.



Emissions Reduction Fund – the $2.55 billion dollar fund established by the Australian Government to purchase carbon credits from carbon farming projects.

Got any questions? Click below to read our FAQ or to contact us

Got any questions? Click below to read our FAQ or to contact us