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Expand your plantation estate with carbon farming

As a plantation forester, you know the huge potential of a well-managed estate. This potential now includes the opportunity for foresters to contribute to a greener, low-carbon future – while at the same time taking advantage of a valuable new income source.

In addition to the many ecological benefits of restoring the landscape, carbon stored over time in growing forests and harvested wood products is prevented from entering the atmosphere and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

Plantation forestry projects enable estate managers to help reduce emissions by converting short rotation plantations to long rotation plantations, or by developing new plantations, resulting in more carbon storage in the planted trees and harvested wood products.

Developing carbon farming projects could help your business clear your investment capital hurdles, contribute to the expansion of the forestry sector and support the development of communities in the regions you operate in.

What you do with your new diversified income is up to you.

The carbon farmers we work with tell us they enjoy:

Doing something proactive to improve their land, while also earning an income

Breathing new life into marginal land to build a more sustainable business

Having the breathing space to plan for the future that comes with a secure long-term income

Being able to use land that was historically less productive in a smarter way

Building on generations of land use knowledge and preserving the history of their land

Tailoring their carbon farming project plan in a way that’s right for their own farm and family

Using their carbon farming income to try new techniques and technologies

Having the chance to plough income back into the land through new machinery or infrastructure

Using the extra income to do something for the family rather than just the business.

Types of carbon farming projects you could implement on your estate

Types of carbon farming projects you could implement on your estate

Working with Climate Friendly

In Climate Friendly, you’ve got a trusted business partner who you can call on at any time.

Our team of experts will help you navigate the process of becoming a carbon farmer and make sure you receive an income stream in return for your contribution to tackling the climate challenge.

Climate Friendly is on hand to cut through the jargon for you so can get clear on the rules and reap the future benefits of your project.

As your business partner, we share upfront costs and only get paid when you get paid. We cover everything from project mapping and field measurement to audit costs so that you can get on with doing what you do best – looking after your land, your family and your community.