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Partner with us on carbon farming

Thousands of farmers, agricultural producers, foresters and traditional custodians across Australia are taking advantage of strategic new opportunities to regenerate their land and improve their properties – giving them greater stability and income for the long-term and helping them stay on the land that they love.

We provide project services across the widest range of project types of any carbon farming business, and our expert team is ready to help you tap into the opportunities carbon farming offers.

Our impact and purpose



Registered carbon projects nationwide

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Already issued to carbon farmers who partner with us



Carbon abatement delivered by projects we support



Our target to reduce emissions by 2025

Our impact so far is equivalent to having established a mature eucalyptus forest with ~13,000,000 trees!

What our carbon farmer partners say

  • Why be a carbon farmer?

    Carbon farmers turn carbon credits into regular income. They get paid based on the measured results they deliver. But it’s not just about money; it’s about efficient practices, and looking after our environment.

  • Be part of the solution

    We help farmers, agricultural producers, foresters and traditional custodians become part of the solution to tackling the climate challenge. Participating in carbon farming is also helping our partners to build drought resilience and regenerate their local landscape.

  • How it works

    Carbon farmers provide a service by removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in their trees and soil, or by optimising their agribusiness management practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They do this by following an approved carbon project method.

  • How we help

    We help clients design and implement a project plan that suits their needs. We guide them as they execute that plan, preparing project reports, managing audits and securing income for the services they provide. We will generate ~$500 million for our carbon farmers by around 2025.

Types of carbon farming projects

Types of carbon farming projects

A quick summary of what we do

  • Changing farm management practices to regenerate native trees;
  • Stopping clearing of established native forests;
  • Planting trees – either as environmental plantings (for example to reduce erosion) or as part of sustainable plantation forest estates;
  • Storing carbon in soils in grazing or cropping land;
  • Strategic fire burning in grassland areas to reduce wild fires (known as savanna burning);
  • Improving live weight gain of large cattle herds;
  • Storing carbon in mangroves or tidal marshes (known as blue carbon).

We help clients receive carbon credits for each metric tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent that they either avoid emitting or store in the landscape through the use of approved carbon farming methods. These credits can be sold or traded to bring in a regular income.

New opportunities are continuously emerging. Climate Friendly works closely with government, technical experts and academic researchers to develop new types of carbon farming activities, increasing the opportunities for farmers, businesses and traditional custodians to get involved in tackling the climate challenge and keeping their land in balance in return for regular income.

Common carbon farming methods

Native forest regeneration 0%
Reduce native forest clearing 0%
Environmental planting 0%
Plantation forestry 0%
Reduce wildfires 0%
Increase herd productivity 0%
Increase soil quality 0%

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